Secure Scalia


American citizens in Arizona must abide by the same laws as the rest of the country, that was today’s Supreme Court ruling. Justice Antonin Scalia, who wrote the court’s majority opinion, said federal law “precludes Arizona from requiring a federal form applicant to submit information beyond that required by the form itself.”


Conservatives are, shall we say, more than mildly upset.



Stronger than strong


Can someone please explain to me why Boston fans are crass, boorish, uncouth low-lifes for exploiting the Boston Marathon bombings, while Chicago fans are just so awesome for their creative team spirit? One fan – one single Boston fan – called the Chicago Stronger T-shirt in bad taste. I’m not saying it is or it isn’t. I’m wondering why the Red Sox and the Bruins have suddenly become the bad guys, while the Blackhawks are now “America’s Team”. I’m not really all that into hockey, so maybe I’ve missed something.


But here’s an even bigger question. Why is it wrong for Boston teams to show their support after the Boston Marathon bombings, but it’s a wonderful thing that our next President, Chris Christie, has been blasting the media with his “Stronger than the Storm!” campaign ads (loosely tied to NJ tourism) this early in the presidential election cycle? Yeah, I know he’s technically only running for his second term as Governor, but he might as well be running unopposed for that. And these ads are, of course, running nationally…